At InVogue Rejuvenation & Body Sculpting Center in El Paso, TX, we love helping our clients achieve the body they have worked so hard for and deserve. It is impossible to spot-reduce fat through diet or exercise because your genes determine where fat is burned from during a caloric deficit. That’s why we are pleased to offer FlexSure, a highly innovative body contouring treatment that may be right for you. Keep reading to learn more.

Who Is a Good Candidate for FlexSure? 

FlexSure is different from your traditional body contouring treatment. Most of the time, you need to have a BMI that is normal or overweight to be considered a good candidate for a body contouring treatment. On the other hand, you may qualify for treatment with this highly advanced device regardless of your BMI. Generally, you can expect to qualify for this treatment if you want to reduce subcutaneous fat or tighten loose skin.

Who Shouldn’t Consider This Treatment? 

While radiofrequency-based body contouring is appropriate for most individuals with aesthetic concerns, it is not appropriate for everyone. You should not consider getting this treatment if you are pregnant or nursing. The FDA has not approved this treatment for such individuals. Additionally, you will be considered a poor candidate for this treatment if you have an insulin pump or pacemaker implanted in your body.

What Is FlexSure? 

FlexSure is a highly effective body contouring treatment that can quickly and effectively melt away stubborn pockets of subcutaneous fat by harnessing the power of radiofrequency energy. The gentle soundwave energy generates heat which penetrates your skin. The foundational layer of your skin absorbs some of this energy, and it induces extra collagen production. This excess collagen production results in skin tightening. The heat also melts fat cells.

One of the most compelling advantages of this treatment is that it can be used to improve the appearance of essentially any region of your body. Some of the most popular areas targeted for treatment include the: 

What Should I Expect During My Treatment Session? 

Due to the non-invasive nature of this body contouring treatment, there is no need for the use of any type of anesthetic. You should not anticipate feeling any pain or discomfort during your treatment. Everyone’s sensitivity to heat varies, but clients often remark that they feel refreshed after their treatment because the heat emitted by the FlexSure device feels like a hot stone massage. In general, you can expect your treatment to take 15 minutes to complete.

However, this can vary significantly. For example, your treatment session may take only 15 minutes to complete if you are only enhancing the appearance of your abdomen. If you have concerns about the appearance of your thighs, knees, and hips, your session may take closer to an hour. During your treatment, the RF device will be placed on the targeted area and gently warm it to kill some of the localized fat cells and induce extra collagen production.

What Results Can I Expect? 

Individual results vary, but you can generally expect to achieve your desired contours after just three to five treatment sessions. We will give you a clear idea of how much fat loss and skin tightening you can expect during your initial consultation once we have evaluated your areas of concern.

How Soon Will I Be Able to See My Desired Results? 

There are a lot of factors that affect how quickly FlexSure results will become apparent, so it is impossible to say exactly how long it will take you to see your desired results. One of the most significant factors affecting the timeline of your results is the number of sessions required for you to achieve those results.

Typically, treatment sessions are spaced two to three weeks apart. If you need five sessions spaced two weeks apart, you may be able to enjoy your final skin tightening results 12 to 14 weeks after your first session. It may take one to six months after your final treatment session to see your final fat removal results.

What Can I Do to See My Final Results Faster? 

To see your final skin tightening results faster, you need to ensure your skin is primed to produce collagen efficiently. There are several effective steps you can take to help ensure your skin can respond quickly to the heat delivered during treatment. One such step is to ensure you stay hydrated. Your skin needs a lot of water to produce collagen. Your skin also needs a lot of nutrients to produce collagen, so you will benefit by maintaining a healthy diet.

To see your final fat removal results as quickly as possible, you need to take steps to support the efficiency of your body’s waste removal system. One effective step you can take to support your lymphatic system’s efficiency is to minimize your consumption of highly processed foods. When you eat unhealthy foods, your lymphatic system has to dedicate a lot of effort to remove the harmful chemicals in those foods.

How Long Can I Expect My Ideal Results to Last? 

You will be pleased to know that this non-surgical body contouring treatment provides desirable results that will last for years to come. Remember, this treatment destroys a large percentage of fat cells in the treated area. Once you reach the age of 25, your body is no longer capable of producing new fat cells, so the number of fat cells in your body is reduced permanently if you are at least 25 when you get this treatment.

However, it is possible for your treated contours to grow after your course of treatments is complete. This is because the fat cells not melted to death after your treatment remain in the treated areas. These fat cells may expand to accommodate energy storage in the event of a caloric surplus. You should also be aware that the skin in your treated areas may sag after you have finished your course of treatments.

What Can I Do to Enjoy My Results for As Long as Possible? 

One effective way to extend the longevity of your FlexSure results is to strive to maintain a calorie-neutral diet. There are several factors affecting where your body stores fat when you eat more calories than you need to maintain your weight, but it mostly comes down to your genes. Therefore, there is a strong possibility that you will store fat in your treated areas if you eat and drink too many calories post-treatment.

If you have struggled to maintain your weight in the past, you may want to track your weight weekly or monthly once you have achieved your desired results. This will help you spot a weight gain trend before you gain so much weight that your treated contours are affected. Maintaining your weight will also help to keep your skin tight for longer. Other things you can do to help keep your skin tight for years to come include: 

Why Should I Choose Dr. Anne V. Hale for My Body Contouring Treatments? 

If you think you may be a good candidate for a radiofrequency-based body contouring treatment, it is extremely important that you find a cosmetic physician who has the artful eye and expertise to provide you with the results you want. You need a board-certified doctor with years of experience and advanced skills and training. Those exact qualities are what you will find in Dr. Anne V. Hale.

She is board certified and a fellow of numerous organizations. Additionally, she has years of experience helping clients achieve a body they can be proud of. If you get FlexSure and have any concerns about maintaining your results, call us at InVogue Rejuvenation & Body Sculpting Center at 844-334-1925. Dr. Hale can advise you on how to live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that will make maintaining your results easier.

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You can generally expect to be considered a good FlexSure candidate if you want to melt away stubborn pockets of excess fat without having to worry about loose skin. Unlike other body contouring treatments, there are no BMI requirements to qualify. If you think this treatment could benefit you, contact us now at InVogue Rejuvenation & Body Sculpting Center in El Paso, TX to schedule an initial evaluation.

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