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At InVogue Total Women’s Healthcare in El Paso, TX, we offer gynecology services for women of all ages. From teens to women in menopause and beyond and everyone in between, our preventative and prescriptive services allow women to take proactive steps toward achieving and maintaining optimal health and wellness.

Gynecology Services

From routine treatments to specific procedures, you can expect high-quality, patient-centered care during every appointment, treatment, and procedure at InVogue Total Women’s Healthcare. Our customized treatment plans and wellness exams are designed to empower women, help them better understand their bodies, and take steps to treat negative symptoms and improve their health and lives.

Teen Health

We offer gynecology services designed for teen girls so they can receive preventative care and understand its importance. Regular gynecology visits during the teenage years can help girls better understand their cycles, discuss any symptoms they’re dealing with, and then take steps to ensure optimal gynecological health.

Making preventative care a routine part of wellness during the teenage years can also help teen girls instill healthy habits that follow them into adulthood. If they experience any gynecological issues, they can be addressed well before progressing into a more serious condition.

Women’s Wellness Exams

Women’s wellness exams are yearly examinations that take a preventative approach to women’s healthcare. These exams typically include a breast exam, pap smear, and physical examination and also give women the space to ask questions or discuss any additional gynecology concerns. We offer women’s wellness exams to meet the needs of women of all ages.

These exams can help women feel more confident in their health and detect the early signs of abnormalities or medical conditions so they can be treated before symptoms worsen.

Pap Smears

We offer pap smears that test for cervical cancer in women. These tests are preventative and prescriptive, as they test for cancer and changes in the cervix cells that may indicate potential cancer at a future time. It’s recommended that women undergo a pap smear at age 21 and continue scheduling regular testing throughout the years.

During the treatment, the gynecologist will collect cells from the cervix, and that sample will undergo testing to detect any abnormalities. The treatment is quick and only takes a few minutes to complete, but it can provide more insight into your health and potential risk of cervical cancer.


A colposcopy is an in-depth gynecological exam that evaluates the cervix, vagina or labia to ensure optimal health and wellness. During the procedure, special stains are used to identify abnormal cells in the cervix.

A colposcopy is usually recommended for women with abnormal pap smears. We offer this virtually painless service to meet the needs of women who need further evaluation after their pap smear or to better understand their gynecological health.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Aging, multiple pregnancies, childbirth, and other factors can all affect vaginal health and contribute to vaginal atrophy or skin laxity. Vaginal skin laxity can affect the appearance and function of the vagina and can also contribute to negative symptoms that affect confidence and quality of life.

We offer the most versatile and effective vaginal rejuvenation treatments that are non-surgical yet use natural and effective methods to promote sexual health and wellness in different ways. Our vaginal rejuvenation treatment options include the following:

  • Empower RF
  • VTone
  • FormaV
  • Morpheus8V
  • The O-Shot
  • MonaLisa Touch®
  • Vitalia
  • Aviva Labiaplasty


We also offer PCOS treatment plans for women suffering from this condition. PCOS stands for polycystic ovary syndrome that can cause long periods or a lack of periods over time. This condition interferes with reproductive health, but with the right treatment plan, we can address this condition and help you take steps to reduce the symptoms.

Heavy Menstruation

We also offer treatment plans for women who experience heavy bleeding during their menstrual cycles. Heavy bleeding is abnormal and indicates that something is out of balance. If you experience heavy bleeding during your menstrual cycle, we can meet with you to discuss your symptoms, learn more about your medical history, and design a treatment plan that helps regulate your cycle.

Minerva ES®

Minerva ES® is a specialized device designed to treat the root cause of heavy uterine bleeding. It’s an endometrial ablation system that uses PlasmaSense™ technology to reduce or prevent menstrual bleeding.

The device uses specialized technology to remove the lining of the uterus with a unique ablation cycle. This treatment can meet the needs of pre-menopausal women who experience excessive menstrual bleeding, who no longer plan on having children, and who want to treat this symptom to improve their quality of life.


Hysteroscopy is an exam that evaluates the inside of the uterus with a device called a hysteroscope. This device is equipped with a camera, lens, and light so that the gynecologist can take images of the inside of the uterus during certain treatment protocols. We offer the service for women who must undergo this examination to investigate the cause of certain symptoms like heavy bleeding, pain, and others.


D&C stands for dilation and curettage and is a procedure that removes tissue from the uterus. During the procedure, the gynecologist will dilate the uterus to address specific concerns, including tumors, excess bleeding, placenta remains, excess tissues after a miscarriage or abortion, or to remove benign growths. This procedure is often combined with a hysteroscopy for additional data.

Birth Control

We offer birth control for women who want to prevent pregnancy. Because we have several different options, women who are interested in beginning a birth control treatment plan will need to schedule an appointment so that we can learn more about their medical history, lifestyle, and preferences so we can choose the safest and most effective form of birth control that’s right for them.

Birth control comes in many forms, including pills, patches, implantable devices, and more. We can discuss the advantages of each type of birth control and help you decide which is right for you and your lifestyle.


IUD stands for intrauterine device and is inserted into the uterus. It’s an effective option for women seeking a long-term solution to prevent pregnancy. It can remain in the uterus for up to 10 years and be removed at any point when a pregnancy is desired.

If you’re interested in an IUD, we can give you more details about the different types, learn more about your medical history and birth control goals, and help determine which is right for you.


NEXPLANON® is an implantable birth control device inserted into the arm to prevent ovulation. This unique birth control device uses a hormone to prevent the ovaries from releasing eggs to prevent pregnancy.

Once implanted into the arm, it can prevent pregnancy for up to three years. If you want to become pregnant, you can have it removed at any point. If you’re interested in learning more about NEXPLANON®, we can give you more details and confirm whether you’re a good candidate for the specific type of birth control.


We offer vaginal rejuvenation treatments that double as incontinence treatments. There are three primary types of incontinence: stress, urge, and mixed. Regardless of which type of incontinence you’re dealing with, we can design a treatment plan with one or more of our vaginal rejuvenation devices to address incontinence at the source and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

Incontinence typically results from weak pelvic floor muscles, and urinary leakage results without adequate support from the pelvic floor. A customized incontinence treatment plan can eliminate these symptoms and restore your quality of life.

Invest in Your Health

Whatever your gynecology needs, we can meet them at InVogue Total Women’s Healthcare. Whether you need a routine exam or something more specific, we can provide high-quality care throughout each stage of your life. If you want more information about our services, we can schedule an initial consultation to discuss your concerns and direct you toward the right treatment options or wellness plan.

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Jaiden Dempsey
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Rosie Orozco
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