What Is Forma V?

Forma V is an innovative treatment for the purpose of vaginal rejuvenation through the utilization of radiofrequency.

During the treatment with Forma V, radiofrequency is applied to the vaginal canal and the labia. 

This treatment strongly stimulates the vaginal tissue and enables the body to increase the production of collagen to this area.

What Is The Treatment Process?

The Forma V machine will monitor levels of heat applied to the vaginal canal and exterior tissue to ensure your comfort. 

To make the treatment as comfortable as possible, a numbing cream will administered before the procedure and then the applicator will be inserted into the vaginal canal.

Heat will be released from the Forma V wand, stimulating the tightening process. This also aids in the production of natural lubrication, helping to resolve vaginal dryness as well as stimulating the production of collagen post-treatment.

What Are The Results I Should Expect?

There are immediate tightening results from the Forma V machine. It will continue to further improve over the coming weeks through the appearance of the external tissue looking more aesthetic and the canal continuing to tighten and becoming more firm.

You will notice an increase of natural lubrication from the vaginal canal, as well as a decrease in urinary stress incontinence. It is generally recommended that you receive at least three treatment sessions with Forma V to achieve desired results.