Every 12 months, it’s important for women to schedule a general health check. With a routine annual exam at In Vogue Total Women’s Healthcare, you can expect:

• General physical exam (including breast exam)
• Pelvic exam (pap smear)
• Update of life and work situation
• Update of family health history (any new serious illnesses in your family?)
• Review of your health history
• Update of current medications, herbs, and supplements (bring list)
• Need for medication refills
• Evaluation of need for health screening tests based on age and personal and family history (such as mammogram, test for sexually transmitted diseases, and colon cancer screening)
• Update on immunizations

It’s important to know that you’ll need to schedule a separate appointment other than your routine annual exam if you have additional, specific concerns. 

However, your annual exams are imperative to staying on top of your health. Let us help you manage any minor health issues before they become major. Call us today and schedule your annual exam—get into a routine of making your health your priority!