What Is The Mona Lisa Treatment?

MonaLisa Touch Laser is the latest in laser therapy for your vaginal health. It is a treatment that has been designed for treating vaginal atrophy, a condition that many women suffer with during or after menopause, after breast cancer treatment, and after childbirth. 

MonaLisa Touch was developed by Professor Stefano Salvatore, a leading gynecologist based in Milan, and is a pain-free, minimally invasive treatment designed to help all women with raw vaginal tissues. 

The MonaLisa Touch treatment is now the most effective non-surgical and non-pharmacological solution for preventing and treating vaginal atrophy and its after-effects. It uses a special CO2 laser which is carefully placed into the vagina. The laser then submits low-energy pulses that create micro-lesions and this prevents and resolves estrogen drops in the vaginal tissue which then triggers the production of collagen. The collagen restores the overall health of the vaginal wall and re-establishes the conditions that the vaginal mucosa once had. As the mucosa tissue becomes more nourished and hydrated, the epithelium becomes thicker and more toned which is also known as vaginal tightening, and it regains its elasticity too. The treatment also re-establishes the correct vaginal pH, which helps maintain its natural protective barrier and reduces the risk of infection.

How Long Is The Mona Lisa Treatment?

The MonaLisa Touch is a three treatment program, which is carried out over six months. First of all you will have a consultation and then the initial treatment which only takes a few minutes. 

A month later you’ll go for your second treatment and then the final treatment within a few months. Over the course of the treatment, the vaginal tissue is regenerated which restores comfort to the patient. During the first session, the tissue regeneration process is triggered and lasts for many weeks, however stimulation occurs immediately and patients often report that they feel noticeable changes after just the first treatment.