What is Smoking Cessation?

When referring to the term smoking cessation, it basically means to stop or quit smoking. Some people might question why a person cannot just simply throw the cigarettes out and been done with them. It is not because they don’t want to. Rather, the nicotine that is in the cigarettes is so addictive that it propels them to continue, even though the knowledge of how harmful it is is apparent.

Why Should I Stop Smoking?

As mentioned above, smoking can directly lead to many possible health issues. With over 70 chemicals in one single cigarette that can cause cancer, smoking is a huge health concern with an ex or current smoker. Sometimes, smoking can be the sole contributor to cancer or other health condition. The sooner you take the steps towards smoking cessation, the greater chance you have to decrease the risk of diseases or illness caused by smoking, including: infertility, cancer, breathing problems, heart disease etc.

What Are Methods of Smoking Cessation?

Sometimes, people can just quit, as they say, cold turkey; that is to stop and never smoke again. Yet, the majority of smokers need some kind of assistance for completely stop. Other methods are:

NRT or Nicotine Replacement Therapy, medications that don’t have nicotine in it. Combining different types of treatments have shown high results in ending the smoking cycle. It is dependent, though, on each individual situation.

What Should I Expect During Treatment?

Since nicotine is such an addictive chemical, you can expect the process to be difficult. You are used to the behavior and the action. The experts at InVogue Rejuvenation and Body Sculpting Center in El Paso can help you learn to retrain your behaviors to break the habit. 

During smoking cessation treatment, you may feel hungrier or a bit more irritable than normal, these are common side effects of smoking cessation treatments. Once you’ve broken the habit and your reliance on nicotine, you will begin to feel like your old self. In many cases, you will feel the best you have in years, both mentally and physically.