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Introducing Empower RF at InVogue, the latest technology platform from InMode, offering transformative vaginal rejuvenation and pelvic floor strengthening. With multiple non-hormonal treatments available, Empower RF addresses various conditions such as vaginal laxity, dryness, pain during intercourse, urinary incontinence, and more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Empower RF?

Empower RF is a treatment that offers transformative vaginal rejuvenation and pelvic floor strengthening. Unlike some other treatments, Empower RF is a non-hormonal, multi-functional system that leverages fractional heating and muscle stimulation to address a broad range of conditions, including vaginal laxity, dryness, pain during intercourse, urinary incontinence, and more.

Can Empower RF be Used for Postpartum Rejuvenation?

Yes, Empower RF is a great treatment option for young women in the weeks following childbirth. It can be performed as soon as 2 to 4 weeks after vaginal delivery to address vaginal laxity and other related concerns caused by childbirth.

Is Empower RF a Surgical Procedure?

No, Empower RF is a non-surgical treatment, which means it does not involve incisions or sutures. The minimally invasive nature of Empower RF allows for faster recovery and minimal to no downtime.

How Many Empower RF Sessions are Required to Achieve Optimal Results?

The number of Empower RF sessions required depends on individual needs and goals. During your consultation, our team will assess your specific condition and recommend a personalized treatment plan to achieve the best possible outcome.

InVogue Is Your Trusted Provider

At InVogue, your well-being and safety remain our top priorities. Our team of dedicated experts is committed to delivering exceptional Empower RF treatments, adhering to the highest quality standards in all our procedures.

As your trusted partner, InVogue offers Empower RF for enhanced vaginal rejuvenation and pelvic floor strengthening. Our welcoming facility provides a serene environment, ensuring you feel at ease while receiving personalized care from our committed professionals, supporting you throughout your Empower RF journey.

Schedule your consultation today to explore the comprehensive range of Empower RF treatments we offer and experience the transformative benefits of InVogue Empower RF. Empower yourself on the path to optimal well-being and embrace newfound comfort and confidence with revitalized results. Discover the power of Empower RF at InVogue for a rejuvenated and empowered you.

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Jaiden Dempsey
Jaiden Dempsey
I loved my facial and it was a great experience!! Julie did a great job and I would recommend these services to everyone! 10/10
Julie is awesome, my face has never felt so clean
Rosie Orozco
Rosie Orozco
I’m in love with my results! Invougue gave me back my confidence and all it took was four sessions. The staff is wonderful , and Julie I can’t thank you enough for giving me back my smile!!!
Lym Mgrv
Lym Mgrv
Been coming to Dr. Hale for about 8 years. Really happy with this place and have a lot of trust and confidence in the level of care I'm getting from her.