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How Long Does Mona Lisa Treatment Take?

Concerns such as vaginal atrophy, skin laxity of the labia and vulva, and even skin discoloration around the vagina can make many women feel subconscious about their appearance. If you want to feel like yourself again after menopause or childbirth, you may want to consider a vaginal rejuvenation technique at Invogue Rejuvenatimo in El Paso, TX. One of the best vaginal rejuvenation treatments is the MonaLisa treatment, which is a non-ablative laser therapy that can restore vaginal tissue. 

How Long Does MonaLisa Treatment Take?

The length of time it takes to complete the MonaLisa treatment is usually about five minutes. The laser device is very effective and can deliver thermal energy to the vaginal tissues to trigger the body’s natural rejuvenation abilities in only a few minutes. 
However, while the treatment itself will only take five minutes, your appointment will usually take around 20 or 30 minutes because a topical numbing cream will have to be applied to the exterior areas of the vagina. This step will ensure you are comfortable throughout your appointment. It will usually take 15 to 20 minutes for the numbing cream to activate.

How Does MonaLisa Touch® Work?

The MonaLisa treatment uses a patented CO2 laser that is inserted directly into the vagina to deliver low-energy thermal pulses to the vaginal tissues. When the vagina is exposed to this thermal energy, it creates micro-injuries on these soft tissues, which then triggers your body’s natural healing response. 
Primarily, the vaginal tissues will respond to the treatment by producing a higher level of collagen and elastin. When the level of collagen increases in vaginal tissue, this can improve the condition of the vaginal mucosa, which then hydrates and nourishes the vaginal tissue and encourages tissue toning that is commonly associated with vaginal tightening. This treatment may also help correct the natural pH balance of the vagina.

What Conditions Does This Laser Treat?

The MonaLisa Touch® is primarily used to treat vaginal laxity, which commonly occurs after childbirth and during menopause. This treatment is also used to address warts and discoloration on the vulva and labia of the vagina, and may even be used to tighten the tissues of the labia for a more youthful-looking vaginal appearance. 
This treatment is strictly cosmetic, which means it is not used to treat medical concerns specifically. However, some patients who have some forms of urinary incontinence may benefit from this treatment. If you have urinary incontinence, the MonaLisa treatment can increase blood flow to body tissues in the pelvic floor and urethra, which can result in better urinary control and function.

How Effective Is This Treatment?

The MonaLisa treatment is a highly effective vaginal restoration option, particularly for patients who are not interested in using estrogen medication or pursuing cosmetic surgery for vaginal rejuvenation. 
This treatment is very effective for restoring the natural moisture balance of the vagina, including easing the stimulation of natural lubrication during sexual activity. Many women who use this treatment can experience more sexual confidence and may share more intimacy with their partners. Treatment is also clinically effective for improving the tightness and elasticity of the vagina.

How Many Treatments Will You Need?

The MonaLisa Touch® laser is a treatment that will require at least three appointments for optimal results. Your round of three appointments will be spaced over six months to give vaginal tissues enough time for restoration. After your first treatment, your second appointment will take place one month later, followed by your third treatment after two to four months. While the results of this treatment can last for a few years, you may want annual touch-up treatments.

What Can You Expect From Treatment?

This treatment is similar to any other OBGYN exam you may have had in the past, such as a pap smear. Your treatment will be performed in a private room with a sterile device. During your treatment, you will lay on your back while the MonaLisa device is inserted into the vagina and applied to the exterior of the vagina.

What Should You Do Before Treatment?

Before your MonaLisa Touch® treatment, you will need to follow a few preparation guidelines so that your results can develop quickly. For the fastest results, it’s best to stop smoking and using other tobacco products for at least two weeks before your treatment, since nicotine is well known for slowing down tissue rejuvenation and healing. You should also abstain from consuming alcohol for at least 24 to 48 hours so that your body is in peak condition.
Before your appointment, you will need to avoid using any vaginal creams or cleansers, including lubricants. You should not have sex for at least 24 hours before your treatment. On the morning of your appointment, please shave the vulva and use a gentle soap to cleanse the vagina.

What Should You Do After Treatment?

In general, there is very little downtime after your MonaLisa Touch® treatment. You will need to avoid intercourse for at least three days after treatment to give the vaginal tissues enough time to heal. You should also avoid intense exercise, such as heavy lifting, for a few days so that your body’s tissues can focus on healing the treatment area. 
It’s best to wear loose cotton underwear, as satin, silk, and lace may cause irritation. You will be able to bathe the vaginal area on the same day as your treatment; however, you should use warm water and mild soap. You absolutely should not use any cleansers that claim to balance the vaginal pH, and you should avoid douching.

How Soon Will You See the Results?

The vast majority of patients who use the MonaLisa Touch® treatment will experience immediate results. Many women report a noticeable difference in the sensitivity and feel of the vaginal tissues in only a few days after the first treatment. As you have additional treatments and the condition of your vaginal tissue improves, you will notice better and longer-lasting results.

Is There a Best Age for This Treatment?

There is no best age for this treatment, since vaginal atrophy concerns can occur at any point during a woman’s lifetime. However, the women who are most likely to pursue a vaginal restoration treatment are women who have recently given birth within the last six to 12 months, as well as women who are experiencing sex-related changes due to menopause.

Are You a Good Candidate?

Most women who are self-conscious about the tightness or appearance of their vaginal tissue are generally good candidates for this treatment. You are especially a good candidate if your vaginal atrophy is associated with low estrogen, which can be caused by menopause, childbirth, and certain illnesses. 
If you have symptoms such as pain during intercourse, urinary incontinence, recurrent urinary infections, current vaginal infections, and persistent vaginal dryness, this treatment may be ideal for you. Likewise, if you have a lack of sensation during intercourse, you may be able to use this treatment. Finally, this treatment is especially ideal for women who do not want to use hormone therapy and who are recovering from vaginal childbirth.

Who Is Not a Good Candidate?

Women who should not use this treatment include those who have certain systemic or autoimmune diseases. If you have diseases such as cervical lesions, vaginal infections, certain types of prolapse, or keloids on the vaginal tissue, you may not be able to use this treatment. If you have given birth in the last three months, you are not eligible for this treatment just yet.

Can You Use This Treatment If You Have Had Breast Cancer?

You can absolutely use this treatment if you have had breast cancer in the past, particularly if you are a patient who does not want to undergo estrogen therapy because you have an estrogen-sensitive form of cancer. Because this treatment uses your body’s natural restorative abilities, it’s a very good option for women who cannot pursue hormonal treatment.

Feel Like Yourself Again With the MonaLisa Touch®

If you are feeling self-conscious about the appearance or feel of your vagina, it may be time to consider a vaginal restoration treatment. Laser treatment such as MonaLisa Touch® is an excellent option for women who want to correct vaginal atrophy, urinary incontinence, or vaginal dryness. The vast majority of women are considered good candidates for this treatment. Get in touch with Invogue Rejuvenation in El Paso, TX to schedule a consultation today.

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