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Signs and Symptoms of Menopause

As a woman, one of the things you’ll have to go through in life is menopause. Many of the symptoms that you’ll experience are during the stages before menopause sets in. These signs and symptoms will vary from one woman to another. We at InVogue Rejuvenation encourage you to learn more about menopause with us.


Signs and symptoms of menopause begin to appear as the amount of estrogen in your body begins to decrease. Keep in mind that estrogen is the hormone responsible for the regulation of your menstrual cycle as well as other parts of your reproductive system. It also plays an important factor in the health of your bones, hair growth, heart, and blood vessels.


One of the first signs that you’ll notice is a change in your menstrual cycle. There could be months when your blood flow is heavier than it normally is and other months when there is nothing more than spotting. Other symptoms include night sweats, emotional fluctuation, urinary problems, fatigue, lessened sex drive, memory and focus issues, hair thinning or loss, and weight increase around the waist.


Hot flashes are also commonly associated with menopause. This is a feeling of heat suddenly rushing through your body out of nowhere. You’ll often experience hot flashes in your face and the upper areas of your body. Many women experience hot flashes at night as the body winds down. It’s normal to have hot flashes for about a year or so after your last menstrual cycle. There are a few treatment options to consider if these flashes interfere with daily activities or they become too unbearable.


As the amount of estrogen in your body lowers, there will be less moisture along your vaginal walls. This can make intercourse uncomfortable at times or even painful. It can also cause overall vaginal dryness that can result in itching during the day or a burning sensation. This can sometimes feel like a urinary tract infection, so if you experience any kind of burning in this area of your body, you should rule out an infection in case you need to take an antibiotic. You could also notice a sudden urge to urinate more often.


If you feel that you are of the age when menopause could be setting in, we warmly invite you to get in touch and make an appointment at InVogue Rejuvenation! At our office in El Paso, our devoted team of caring professionals will be happy to discuss your symptoms with you, present our options in full, and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to set up your consultation!

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