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How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

Laser hair removal in El Paso is a fantastic way to control unwanted hair growth. The procedure is simple. If you’re just now considering the procedure, mentions of repeat visits may be somewhat confusing given the procedure’s reputation as permanent or long-lasting.

Hair Growth Cycles

Hairs grow in stages, and not every hair grows on the same schedule. Each hair goes through the anagen phase, in which the hair is growing; the catagen phase, in which the hair has stopped growing and there are some internal changes to the follicle; and the telogen phase, which is essentially the phase in which hairs shed or fall out. Cycle length varies for everyone, and chances are you’ve got hairs in all three stages of growth.

What that means for laser hair removal is that you can remove what seems like a lot of body hair, only to have a lot more appear within a few weeks. Much of this is new hair that wasn’t in the growth phase at the time of your last appointment. So you have to come back in, get that hair removed, and then wait for the next round of new growth.

Eventually, though, the laser removal process touches all of the hairs. You finally cycle through all those stages for all your hair. When you use the laser process on a hair, you do weaken it, and it either stops growing altogether or grows in as a much weaker hair. The additional rounds of laser treatments will further weaken that structure. It is possible that some hair will be super-resistant to the laser. But there is a very good chance that those hairs will still be lighter and finer if they grow back after treatment.

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