Juvederm is a technology used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Our skin loses the ability to produce hyaluronic acid as we age, resulting in the presence of fine lines and skin sagging. Juvederm injects hyaluronic acid into the areas that need to be filled out again, providing your skin what it needs to appear healthy and youthful.

Why El Paso Juvederm?

Juvederm doesn’t require an extensive medical evaluation to determine if it’s right for you. The only assessment that’s needed is are you dissatisfied with how your skin looks due to fine lines and wrinkles, and are you in good physical health. You’re not as good a fit for this therapy if you smoke or have unrealistic goals in mind. If you’re not sure what realistic goals would be, please talk to our specialist about what kind of goals are sensible. Because El Paso Juvederm is a bioavailable treatment, there is a very low risk of allergic reaction.

If you’re worried about being unhappy with your treatment and that it might be permanent, Juvederm may be for you. Juvederm isn’t permanent, and it can be dissolved with hyaluronidase. Your body absorbs the hyaluronic acid over time, reducing the filling effect of the treatments as your body absorbs the filler. The general thought is that permanent fillers aren’t a great idea for most people. Our bodies shift as we age, making a treatment that looked great, look weird and out of place because of a shift in body shape.

It’s advised to avoid any extreme environments for two weeks afterward and to use sunscreen during this time. Products that contain alcohol should also be avoided during this time. Taking these precautions will help the product settle in properly and extend the duration of the treatment.

How fast will I see results with this treatment?

Visible results with Juvederm are as quick as minutes after injection. Some patients see results as soon as they look into the mirror afterward and continue seeing improvements for up to a few days later.

How long will Juvederm last?

This treatment lasts anywhere from six months to a year. The variation is because of several factors: the skill of the person doing the treatment, the formula used and how fast your body absorbs the therapy. Keeping everything the same, the difference in bodies can cause a substantial difference in how long the treatment lasts.

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