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Top 4 Laser Hair Removal FAQs

Sometimes, hair grows in unwanted places, or you get tired of tweezers and razors that only remove hair temporarily. Laser hair removal at InVogue Rejuvenation & Body Sculpting Center stops unwanted hair growth by targeting the follicles with a high-intensity light beam. The skin pigment attracts the light from the beam, and when the pigment absorbs the light, it changes to heat.

You may have some questions about laser hair removal. Here are some common FAQs about laser hair removal answered.

Who Can Get the Treatment?

Laser hair removal is often suggested for people with dark hair and lighter skin tones for the best results. However, blonde or light hair may still have enough pigment to get treated by specialized lasers. If you have blonde or light hair, refrain from tanning before the treatment.

What Does It Feel Like?

The feeling depends on the type of laser used and the part of the body, as well as the individual, but most people should only feel a little bit of discomfort. Some patients report it feels like getting popped with a rubber band. Sensitive body areas, such as the underarms, could produce more sensation. If you have concerns, ask about ways to be more comfortable during the treatment.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

Costs can vary by the area treated, number of treatments, and type of laser. However, research has indicated laser hair removal costs a third less than waxing over three decades.

How Long Does the Treatment Take?

Laser hair removal usually requires multiple sessions depending on the treatment area. You may see results after the first visit, but expect to come back in multiple times. The treatment sessions themselves are usually quick and convenient, and the results come about gradually.

Laser hair removal can restore confidence in your appearance, and your skin will look and feel great. Schedule a consultation at InVogue Rejuvenation & Body Sculpting Center in El Paso to learn more information. Contact our office today to arrange an appointment!

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