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The Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Guide

Unlike traditional surgery, body sculpting often doesn’t require any kind of invasive measure. They offer numerous benefits such as no scars after treatment, no downtime and no side effects. In addition, you can tone down your body to the perfect size desired. No discomfort is experienced afterwards, which implies that you’ll be able to carry on with your normal life in no time.

Know the Areas Treated with Body Sculpting

Non-surgical body sculpting enhances muscle tone and overall physique. The areas that benefit most from this procedure include lower chin, neck, flank, abdomen, buttocks and thighs. However, the results work better and last longer when combined together with regular dieting, strength training and exercise.

Targeted Fat Loss

Many people seek body sculpting as a tool for weight loss, but it should not be used as an alternative to dieting or exercise. Rather, sculpting your body will be vital in helping you achieve the desired body shape by toning down your features. Before your treatment, our specialist will help you find out which one is right for you.

Treatment Duration for Body Sculpting

Non-surgical body sculpting usually takes approximately 30 minutes to one hour to complete, which is unlike traditional surgery that may last for up to 10 hours. Since you’ll not be under a general anesthetic, you may want to bring reading or listening material to pass the time. The entire therapy session usually lasts for six weeks, but this depends on skin conditions, doctor’s recommendations and type of procedure. Give your body six months after the body sculpting procedure for desirable, notable results.

No Side Effects

Non-surgical body sculpting comes with little to no potential side effects, which is possibly the number one reason as to why it’s increasing in popularity. It’s especially preferable when compared to the long list of risks that often come with surgery.

You’re the Artist

The results of this customized treatment solution are fully dependent upon you. Our specialist will recommend the best courses for your particular case. Not every procedure works the same way; BMI (Body Mass Index) regulations must be observed. Although little or no effort is required by the patient during treatment, the length of your results will depend on you.

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