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Take the Next Step with Spider Veins Treatment

Are you bothered by the appearance of varicose veins or spider veins on your legs, face, or other areas of your body? Although these abnormal blood vessels do not normally cause symptoms, they can still be a cosmetic concern. Luckily, you have some spider veins treatment options available to you.

What are Spider Veins?

Veins are responsible for returning blood to your heart. Each vein contains a one-way valve to keep blood flowing in the right direction. Abnormally functioning veins have dysfunctional valves that allow blood to pool into them, leading to their well known twisted and ropey appearance. Varicose veins are normally large and blue or green in color. Spider veins are a much smaller type of vein with a branched or spider-web appearance. Spider veins are typically red or purple in color and do not normally cause symptoms.

How Does Laser Therapy Help with Spider Veins?

Laser therapy is a modern spider veins treatment that leads to the eventual collapse of the vein walls. Instead of any chemical solution, we transmit laser energy into the vein walls. Like sclerotherapy, the blood that once flowed through the destroyed vein will now be taken up by neighboring blood vessels that are functioning normally.

What Happens After My Laser Therapy Procedure?

After your procedure, you should be able to resume your regular schedule immediately. You’ll be required to wear some form of compression garment for a couple of days. You will be encouraged to walk some each day and remain active. No extra bed rest is necessary.

Book Your Consultation and Find Out More

If you are seeking treatment for unwelcome spider veins, please feel free to reach out and make an appointment with InVogue Rejuvenation. At our convenient location in El Paso, TX, our caring and dedicated team of professionals will be pleased to explain this spider veins treatment option to you in full and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to set up your consultation – we look forward to speaking with you!

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