What is the P-Shot?

The P-Shot® is a sexual rejuvenation treatment. This treatment, which is also known as the Priapus Shot®, harnesses the power of your body’s own growth factors to reduce the frustrating effects of Erectile Dysfunction or ED.

What Are The Benefits of The P-Shot?

This non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment option offers a variety of benefits, including: enhanced sexual performance, restored sexual confidence, spontaneous and longer lasting erections, increased penile length, stronger orgasms and Peyronie’s disease treatment with or without shockwave therapy.

What Is The Process for P-Shot?

A blood draw is the first step in harvesting PRP. Once the blood is collected, it is placed in a special centrifuge. As the centrifuge spins at a rapid rate, it isolates the growth factors from the rest of the blood. The golden yellow substance is then prepared for treatment.

An injection is then prepared with the golden yellow growth factors. The P-Shot is administered directly to the genital area. A numbing agent is applied prior to the injection, promoting your maximum comfort during the experience. Once the injection is administered, your treatment is complete! You should be able to resume your normal daily activities following the treatment.

Many men experience the benefits of the P-Shot shortly after treatment. While results will vary, many men experience a spontaneous erection within 24 hours of their treatment session! Results will gradually improve as your body responds to the growth factors, and results may last for up to 18 months. Additional treatments may be recommended to achieve and maintain optimal results.

Is This A Good Treatment For Me?

The P-Shot uses substances obtained from your own body. This makes it a safe and effective treatment option for most generally healthy men. However, it is still important to approach treatment with realistic goals and expectations.  Our on-site Physician and RN will discuss this with you at your consultation appointment.

A consultation with our professional staff can help determine if this men’s sexual wellness treatment option is well-suited for you and your experiences. This treatment may be used as a supplemental treatment to other ED treatments, such as Shockwave Therapy and oral medications.