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How Soon Do You Get Results From SculpSure?

At InVogue Rejuvenation in El Paso, TX, we know that stubborn fat affects men and women equally, which is why we offer a treatment that can finally target and eliminate stubborn fat cells long-term. We offer SculpSure, a unique body contouring laser treatment that can significantly impact your appearance and help you achieve a tighter, fitter, and more sculpted appearance.

How Soon Will You See Results From SculpSure?

Once you undergo a SculpSure treatment, it can take a few weeks for the results to become visible. This treatment process begins a process that the body must complete. It uses laser energy to target and destroy stubborn fat cells, and then the body responds by flushing them from the system.

The body will utilize the lymphatic system to process these destroyed fat cells. Some patients see results as soon as six weeks post-treatments; for others, it can take up to 12 weeks. You can rest assured that once you undergo treatment, you will continue to see improvements in your treatment area.

What Is SculpSure?

SculpSure is a non-invasive body contouring treatment specifically designed to target stubborn fat in some of the most common problem areas of the body. It’s an effective and safe solution for patients who want to safely eliminate stubborn fat that doesn’t respond to a traditional diet and exercise regimen.

It is not a weight-loss treatment. It will not help patients lose weight, but it can complement a weight loss program by zoning in on those areas that just won’t respond to all of your healthy eating and exercise.

What Happens During a Treatment?

When you arrive for your treatment, we will situate you in one of our treatment rooms. We advise patients to wear comfortable clothing, but you won’t have to follow a long list of pre-treatment instructions. Drinking plenty of water before your appointment can help support your lymphatic system post-treatment.

Once we place the treatment head on your skin and activate the laser device, it will emit laser heat energy to target the stubborn fat cells in your treatment area. You’ll feel a warming sensation as the laser zones in the fat cells, but you won’t have to worry about any discomfort.

How Does It Work?

SculpSure uses laser heat energy to target fat cells by heating those fat cells, which helps break them down. Once broken down, the body no longer views these fat cells as healthy cells but instead as waste that needs to be removed from the body. In the weeks following your treatment, the body will put extra effort into flushing these fat cells from the system.

As it does, you will see a gradual improvement in the appearance of those body areas previously defined by stubborn fat.

What Areas of the Body Can It Treat?

This treatment can address some of the most common problem areas with stubborn fat, including the abdomen, love handles, back, inner and outer thighs, and even a double chin. The technical term for a double chin is called submental fullness, and it results from lifestyle, excess weight, and even genetics. We can use this unique body contouring treatment to create a more sculpted jaw profile and reduce the appearance of a double chin.

Is It Safe?

This treatment provides men and women with a safe way to effectively target and eliminate stubborn fat cells. The laser heat energy zones in on stubborn fat cells, gently heating them to a temperature they can no longer withstand. The treatment does so without harming the skin or surrounding tissue in any way.

What Are the Benefits?

One of the primary benefits of this treatment is that it’s completely non-surgical and uses non-invasive techniques to destroy fat cells. It requires the body to complete the fat-removal process. Unlike traditional surgical fat removal procedures, this treatment doesn’t require incisions, anesthesia, pain, or downtime. It’s an effective way to complement a healthy lifestyle, fine-tune different areas of the body, and deliver natural-looking results.

Is There Downtime?

After your treatment is over, you will be able to resume your normal daily routine. You won’t need someone to drive you home from your treatment; instead, you can go about your day and even return to work if necessary. Since treatments are quick and only take approximately 30 minutes, they won’t interfere with your routine.

Supporting Your Body Post-Treatment

There are some steps you can take post-treatment to support your body as it works to process the destroyed fat cells from your system. Staying active and drinking plenty of water will go a long way in helping you see your results as quickly as possible. By supporting your lymphatic system in every way you can, you can ensure that your body has what it needs to effectively eliminate fat cells from your system.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

Unlike surgical procedures that immediately remove fat cells from the body, this treatment requires patience on the patient’s part. However, your body will respond to the process and eliminate stubborn fat cells over time. The good news is that never, at any point, will you look like you underwent a surgical procedure to achieve results. Instead, you’ll slowly achieve a more contoured physique naturally.

How Long Will My Results Last?

SculpSure treatments are meant to deliver long-lasting results. By destroying fat cells, the body will need to eliminate them; once it does, these cells cannot grow back. Your body also won’t make new cells to replace the ones that have been destroyed.

Therefore, you can expect a significant decrease in total fat volume in the treatment area post-treatment. However, it’s important to note that this treatment will eliminate stubborn fat cells in your treatment area, but it won’t eliminate every fat cell.

The Importance of Diet and Exercise

For this reason, maintaining a healthy diet and exercising consistently is key to preserving the integrity of your results. If you do gain weight post-treatment, your treatment area may be affected, as any remaining fat cells have the potential to expand. Weight gain causes fat cells to expand, and weight loss causes them to shrink. Knowing this ahead of time is key to ensuring that you can maintain your sculpted appearance long-term.

Can I Treat More Than One Area?

We create comprehensive treatment plans to ensure that patients can reach all of their body sculpting goals. If you want to treat multiple body areas, we can create a plan to target each area of concern.

Traditional treatments take approximately 30 minutes from start to finish, so if you choose to treat multiple areas, your treatments may take longer. We can give you more details about what to expect from your treatment after we meet with you during an initial consultation and design your unique plan.

Who Is It Right For?

Achieving your ideal physique can be difficult. It can be frustrating when you eat the right foods, work out consistently, and still don’t see results. Even if you do see some results, those areas with stubborn fat are the last, if ever, to respond to a weight management plan that includes a healthy lifestyle and consistent exercise routine.

SculpSure is the perfect solution for patients who aren’t seeing their desired results from a traditional weight management or workout routine. It’s designed to target those hard-to-reach body areas that don’t always respond to diet and exercise and help tighten and tone the physique through a non-invasive body contouring treatment.

The Importance of Your Consultation

As always, a pre-treatment consultation is key in determining your treatment eligibility. During this consultation, we will learn more about your treatment goals and your desired treatment areas. We will ask you some questions about your medical history and your lifestyle, so we can design the right treatment plan for you. T

hen, we can custom-tailor a treatment plan around the body areas that you want to target so that you can sculpt your ideal physique and eliminate stubborn body fat as quickly as possible. If you’ve been interested in beginning a treatment plan with this non-invasive body-contouring device, contact us today at InVogue Rejuvenation in El Paso, TX, to learn more, find out of you’re a good treatment candidate, and schedule your initial consultation.

Sculpt Your Body With a SculpSure Treatment Plan

You don’t have to spend countless hours in the gym or continue to restrict your caloric intake to reach your body goals. With a custom-tailored SculpSure treatment plan, we can help you transform your problem areas into body areas you can be proud of. Contact us today at InVogue Rejuvenation in El Paso, TX, to schedule your initial consultation.

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