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Dealing with Infertility? Explore Your Options

Having a child is something a lot of men and women would like to do. Unfortunately, there are some cases in which a couple that would like to bring new life into this world is not able to because of infertility issues. All hope is not lost in these cases, though, as there are a number of infertility treatment options that modern medicine can offer.

Your Initial Steps

You should first speak with our doctor about any infertility issues or concerns that you may be having. It can be an awkward conversation for some people to approach, but you have to try to remember that doctors like Dr. Anne V. Hale have heard it all before. You are not going to offend or surprise her with anything that you have to say. She is here to help you, and part of helping you involves dealing with intimate issues such as these.

Men – Men can have tests done which involve a physical exam and a look at the sperm that they are producing now. A lab can tell if the sperm are healthy or not as well as the sperm count that a man is able to produce. This may help identify if it is the lack of healthy sperm that is the issue.

Women – Women can expect to take a blood test as well as a pelvic exam to see what issues may be going on with her reproductive system. The blood test is meant to measure the level of hormones that are present as well as if she is releasing an egg on a regular schedule. These tests can narrow down some of the potential root causes of the infertility.

What Treatments are Available?

Depending upon the nature of the problem, the treatments can vary widely. Get in touch with the professionals at InVogue Rejuvenation in El Paso, TX and allow us to walk you through all of your options. Having a child is such a sensitive and vital subject in the lives of so many people. Do not allow current infertility issues to stand in your way of accomplishing your dreams and having a child with your partner. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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