What Is V-Tone?

V-Tone is an FDA approved technology designed to enable intravaginal direct muscle stimulation of the pelvic floor and neuromuscular re-education for women.

This treatment enables the ability to strengthen a compromised pelvic floor as well as the treatment of continence issues for women.

V-Tone is a non-invasive treatment with very minimal downtime so you can continue with your activities without feeling restricted.

What Are The Benefits of V-Tone?

There are numerous benefits of V-Tone, including: treating urinary incontinence and improving sexual health.

As the pelvic muscles are being re-enforced from the V-Tone treatment, the vaginal area is apart of this region and as a result, sexual function is increased from the increased vaginal tightness and orgasms. Urinary incontinence can also be rehabilitated through the strengthening of the pelvic floor.