What is Nova Sure?

NovaSure® is an FDA-approved minimally invasive treatment for heavy uterine bleeding performed under the supervision of our qualified doctors. It can be performed at any stage of the uterine cycle. The treatment takes five minutes and requires no pre-treatment, and there is minimal recovery, with many women returning to work the next day. There are no surgical incisions or stitches, and the treatment is performed under local anesthetic.

The treatment is done using a wand-like device with a netted device attached, which is inserted into the cervix, where the netting expands to fit the uterus. The device then emits a radiofrequency wave to ablate the uterine lining, with this part of the treatment taking ninety seconds.

What Are The Benefits?

NovaSure is a permanent treatment intended for women past childbearing age, as it removes the uterine lining that causes periods and is necessary for pregnancy. While some regeneration of the lining may occur, periods will be permanently lighter, and this will reduce the discomfort and inconvenience of monthly heavy periods. This will also eliminate most or all period cramps.

Unlike hysterectomies, the surgical removal of the uterus, this treatment keeps normal hormone levels intact and will not trigger any other body changes. After a day of recovery that may include period-like cramps that can be relieved with over-the-counter painkillers, recovery should be quick and easy compared to surgery.